TDA Surround Amplifier - Mark 1 - My first home made surround sound amplifier

What is it?

My home made amplifier is indeed that, it features surround sound and an entirely analogue construction.

Photos can be seen here of the amp unit and the speaker set I used in recent testing.

What does it features?

  • 20W per channel RMS* power to front left and right channels.
  • 20W RMS* power to rear channel.
  • 14W RMS* power to centre channel.
  • Pre-amp with loudness filter and tone controls.
  • Matrix surround sound decoder with centre channel output.
  • Level controls for front, rear and centre channels.
  • Power switches for rear and centre channel amplifiers.
  • Headphone output and switch.
  • Inputs for external decoders** (i.e. 5.1 Dolby® Surround Sound).
  • Centre and Subwoofer pre-outs.
  • Temperature Controlled cooling Fan

Why bother?

Well, I had lots of fun building it, a real sense of achievement is encountered when something quite complex for a guy for has never studied electronics is built successfully. And what's also good is it does exactly what I need it to and with the right speakers packs plenty of punch for 20 watts per channel :-)

I bet you didn't invent all those circuits, where did you get them from? for most circuits

The amplifier circuits are from ST microelectronics (the manufacturers of the amplifier semiconductor)

For those who want more information, I did make a manual for it too (bless me I got bored) :P

Manual (in pdf format)

What else have you done?

Mostly amplifiers and speakers, I have lost count of the total, but I have even made amplifiers for friends, generally low power portable stuff based on the TDA7052, TDA2822 and LM386 and I have built my own microphone amp and water level detector too plus many other things. I have also modified existing equipment and repaired stuff.